We love collaborating with chefs to create vegetarian and vegan options! You’re invited to try these 4 dishes at restaurants in and around Memphis: ⁣

• The TCV Debris Po Boy at The Second Line is wonderful mess of meaty mushrooms, thyme, and veg Worcestershire. You can order it with fries on it! And it’s vegan if ordered without mayo.⁣

The King’s Oatmeal at Sunrise Memphis features bananas, maple syrup, and our coconut bacon, which may be subbed in for the real stuff in any dish! ⁣

Red Beans and Rice Nachos at Charlie Vergos Rendezvous are a very tasty complete protein made with the ‘Vous’s amazing (and vegan!) Charlie’s Select BBQ sauce⁣.

The Foxy BBQ sandwich at City Silo is grilled and roasted sesame spaghetti squash sandwich with Rendezvous Memphis Charlie’s Select BBQ Sauce and purple slaw⁣.